To use our API you must be a registered user on .

username: Your username on .
password: Your password on .
type: Message type: "sms", "flash" or "wap".
sender: This is the sender id that will appear on the recipient's phone. Alphanumeric = 11 Characters, Numeric = 18 characters.
dest: The destination numbers where the message will be sent to. Separated with a comma(,) for multiple recipients.
msg: The message to be sent. 160 characters per message.
url(Wap-Push Only): Wap-Push Url.

Single recipient:
/sms_api.php?username=megzy&password=major&type=sms&sender=OneCrib&dest=2349093302368&msg=Testing the API

Multiple recipients:
/sms_api.php?username=megzy&password=major&type=sms&sender=OneCrib&dest=2349093302368,08098987676,2348098789876&msg=Testing the API

NOTE: The SENDER, DEST and MSG must be URL ENCODED for the API to work properly. It is advisable to pass 25 destinations at a time for multiple recipients.

Return values:
146 = Successful
140 = Usuccessful
141 = Insufficient credit

Credit balance report:

meg_report: The value should be set to "balance" to specify that you are quering your account balance.
username: Your username on .
password: Your password on .